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Personal and competent

People with mental health problems will find a human touch in Sanatorium Kilchberg as well as the use of modern therapies in a safe, appealing environment. The clinic’s location in a park which enjoys a direct view over Lake Zurich is an idea venue for a relaxing retreat just outside of the city limits.

In accordance with the latest scientific knowledge, the therapies available are primarily based on psychotherapy with an emphasis on cognitive behavioural therapy as well as on prudent drug treatment, something for which the clinic in October 2009 received an award from the German Institute for Drug Safety in Psychiatry (AMSP e.V.). Furthermore, also on offer is an attractive range of treatments (body and kinesiotherapy  (movement therapy), biological process (light and sleep restriction therapies, electroconvulsive therapy [ECT]) and nutrition therapy.    

Sanatorium Kilchberg was founded in the middle of the 19th century and was the first clinic for people with mental illnesses in Canton Zurich. Since then it has steadily and successfully grown. As a state-recognized hospital (a so-called Listenspital), Sanatorium Kilchberg, although it is a private psychiatric clinic, has a government performance mandate and an entitlement to remuneration for services from insurance providers and cantonal authorities in accordance with Swiss health insurance law.  People with basic health insurance, regardless of which canton they live in, can access all of the services on offer.
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